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How to auto Import Transactions from Wells Fargo to QuickBooks?

wells fargo export to excel

Why I joined the Fediverse Part II

What are you Doing you Fool?

Hallo Welt

Qu'est-ce que "Jeux-Viodéo" ?

[note d'intention]


 My name is Carolyn Knight-Serrano, I use xe/xyr/xem or it/its pronouns and I’m an anarcho-syndicalist, hacker, math student, aspiring musician, an IWW delegate for IU 620, and stoner based in occupied Ohlone territory otherwise known as Santa Cruz. I’ll be writing about anarchism, technology, liveshows I go to, math, and my personal life so if that sounds like your jam, stick around.

First 😊

German and english introduction


Introducing "Stuffz"

500 Zeichen reichen nicht immer

Mehr als nur Microblogging - mein neuer, persönlicher Blog


Qui suis-je ? Pourquoi ce nouveau blog ?