What are you Doing you Fool?

Hi there

I suppose I need to go through the obligatory process of introducing myself and what I intend to use this blog space for. who am i

Well for one I need to journal somewhere. It's become obvious that the tangible, paper backed book, with its requisite leather bound spine, is not enough of a draw at the end of a long day to get me writing. In addition nobody sees those paper-based journals anyhow. Maybe that's why I am writing. how much of what we do is to feel seen?

I also just like the idea of working in Markdown, learning the medium, and in addition, contributing to the federated community that I have enjoyed creeping on.

My background is that of a working academic. Though I'm not so sure I identify with that culture as much as the gooey eyed young and idealistic me would have hoped to. So perhaps this blog will speak of those trials and tribulations, or perhaps it will not.

Some of the things I'd like to write about include:

  • open source technology
  • open ways of sharing and creating knowledge.
  • self improvement through learning, writing and reflection
  • music, collecting, skateboards, etc.

And ofcourse, I'll be reckoning with age, work-life balance, family and all the usual heftiness of a mid-life adult trying not to lose their passion and vigor amongst the stresses and hiccups of it all.

Wish me luck 🔥🔥🔥