Articles tagged "Linux"

Create a Bootable USB Drive with Multiple ISOs

Put more than one ISO in your USB drive, so you don't have to delete the drive over and over.

Balena Etcher - Create Bootable USB or SD Cards [Win/Lin/Mac]

Flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives, safely and easily.

Joys of a Tiling Window Manager

Tiling window managers and why you should consider using one.

PeppermintOS Debian Now Available [Linux]

It is a bare-bones OS that is based on Debian 12 "Bookworm".

postmarketOS v23.06 Now Available

A real Linux distro for phones and other mobile devices based on Alpine Linux 3.18

Monitor Your Docker Swarm Cluster

Advanced resource monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana

2- Selection of tools on the PC

In this blog, which is still under construction, I describe the approach I followed to regain control over my personal data by replacing commercial tools with others, often open-source, or which do not practice tracking. For the moment I'm just listing the solutions I've adopted. The argumentation will come progressively with the maturity of the content

More freedom - more fun

Librem5 is finally here

blendOS - A GNU/Linux Distribution For Distro Hoppers

A seamless blend of Arch, Fedora, and Ubuntu

Der erste Februar: Ändere-dein-Passwort-NICHT-Tag!

In diesem Artikel geht es eindeutig um Sicherheit und Anonymität im Internet, also viel Spaß beim Lesen ... oder so!😉

Twilio Authy

One 2FA app for all your devices

2- Choix d'outils sur le PC

Dans ce blog, qui est encore en construction, je décris l’approche que j’ai suivi pour reprendre le contrôle de mes données personnelles en remplaçant les outils commerciaux par d’autres, souvent open-source, ou qui ne pratiquent pas le traçage. Pour le moment je me contente de lister les solutions adoptées. L'argumentation viendra progressivement avec la maturité du contenu