Articles tagged "Privacy"

Am I Going Too Far?

A rant on digital privacy and my distrust in big tech.

The Flockingbird Privacy Model

Balancing "clear" with "powerfull" to give you a powerfull and privacy-friendly professional social networking.

Linkdump: KW48 2020

Was geschah & worüber (nicht) geredet wurde

Browser Privacy

To whom browsers are talking out of the box

Conectar báscula a App por Bluetooth

permisos que solicita unha app

Particl Basics #1: The privacy coin

Decentralized Game Streaming with Nginx and RTMP

Want to stream to your friends, but don't want to give your video to some centralized service? Here's how.

Sulla scelta del postino

Degooglizzando la posta

Delle motivazioni

Del perché la degooglizzazione

Curated /etc/host

performance, security & privacy

password-store, mudar chave GPG

short tutorial about GPG key change to encrypt passwords

Are you safe in the internet?

What's my IP? and more