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Weg von #Google , #Bing und co ? -- #SearX die alternative #FOSS Suchmaschine

Ihr sucht eine gute #FOSS Alternative zu Google, Bing und co? Dann könnte #searx was für euch sein. Dort werden die Suchergebnisse von vielen großen Suchmaschinen datenschutzfreundlich und gebündelt für euch dargestellt.

By OGSeptember 20, 2020ogIT

Ep9 Getting Help with Yunohost

How to get help with your Yunohost install correctly

Ep8 Commit2Quit

The podcast hits a goal, I bitch about Linux Podcasters and dare you to quit the big 5!

TSHP Ep 7 Security

Securing your Yunohost server


Installing Wordpress on Yunohost


Getting Back Control


How to take back control

Ep4-The Internet Cube

What is it and what can you do with it?

Ep2 Yunohost Post Install

The post install steps for Yunohost

Ep3 Y U should know DNS

Why DNS is important but you dont have to deal with it on Yunohost

The Self Hosted VidCast Ep1

Yunohost dashboards, installing Yunohost and How important coffee is.


Choosing Yunohost and The Fediverse