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Stop asking for license to speak

Stop helping tech companies to censor you. Switch to free, federated platforms

Pluming for freedom

A bit under the hood

Microsoft Had a Crazy Idea to Put Servers Under Water

and It Totally Worked

3D printing could give you a better pill to swallow

Meet the scientists using 3D printers to deliver safer, more effective tablets for children.

Please make this laptop

Nobody is building the laptop I want to buy

Tech Careers for PLUG April general meeting

iCloud Unlock Bypass

The Best Online Tool For Unlocking iCloud Lock, iPhone Lock And iPhone Carrier Lock

Let's talk about 8chan

Precedent is more dangerous than we think. Let's look at what happened and what it sets the stage for.

"Don't Be Evil"

The Ethics of Amazon

Magisk Apk

Magisk Systemless Root For Android