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blendOS - A GNU/Linux Distribution For Distro Hoppers

A seamless blend of Arch, Fedora, and Ubuntu

Пакетный менеджер nala

Приятная оболочка для пакетного менеджера apt (apt-get) для дистрибутивов Debian, Ubuntu и их производных.

Au onzième jour de confinement…

… il fait ses courses

Upgrading Plume

Nouvelles de Janvier 2020

When Linux Finally Looks Beautiful

I've been using Windows, then Linux… then MaxOSX. I've actually been quite happy about the last 2 OS. However, Mac has been disapointing lately on some point and that make me curious about what was Linux like in 2020

Nouvelles de Novembre 2019

Nouvelles d'Octobre 2019

Trim Service on SSD

how to increase long term SSD health and performance

Device and Personal Privacy Technology Roundup for SCaLE

PLUG is 1/3 of SCaLE 17x LibreGraphics track