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Comment les réseaux sociaux alternatifs nourissent notre addiction

Changer de design

By fredoJanuary 3, 2022Vitis

Accesibility in UX Design

The accessibility of an information system aims to ensure that it can be used by all types of users. Usability covers a set of concepts relating to its execution time, performance, ease of learning, and user satisfaction. The concept of user experience goes a step further, considering that it is based on "an emotional state".

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Mobile or Web: What To Choose?

The most significant catalyst for changes is a quick improvement of innovation. Simply consider how the Internet and cell phones transformed us.

The Dos and Don’ts of Writer Templates

LibreOffice template series

Templates- ftw!

Flockingbird. Where you manage your business network.

The main features, in a story of people who find work, find a freelancer, keep in contact, and grow a company