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What are the benefits of Aloo Bukhara?

Aloo Bukhara has a sweet taste and chewy texture. It is a fruit that provides many benefits if eaten regularly. It may help maintain body weight and prevent diabetes, obesity, and heart disease in people with normal blood sugar levels.

11 Days of Food

Resupply package containing porridge, energy food, mashed potatoes, couscous...

Backcountry Cooking

My cooking experience for multi-day hiking and skiing trips.

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Ukraine Daily Summary - Tuesday, April 26

Russian forces set up concentration camp in Kharkiv Oblast, torture civilians -- Satellite images reveal another mass grave near Mariupol -- Russian occupiers seize Kherson City Council building -- Russia claims [again] it will let civilians exit Azovstal -- Sumy region shelled from across Russian border -- and more

Ukraine Daily - Wednesday, 24 March 2022

Russian forces commit war crimes in Ukraine -- S confirms Russian army retreat near Kyiv -- Russia combat power in Ukraine declines below 90% of pre-invasion levels -- Russia uses white phosphorus bombs in Hostomel and Irpin -- and more

Nando's Announced that 45 of its Restaurants would Temporarily Shut Due to Brexit Supply Chain Disruptions

British Poultry Council blamed worker shortages following Brexit for the issues the industry is currently facing

UK Facing Summer of Food Shortages Due to Brexit & Lack of Lorry Drivers

Tory incompetence will inflict a summer of food shortages likened to a series of “rolling power cuts” because of a loss of 100,000 lorry drivers due to Covid & Brexit