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Hungary: Russian oil deliveries resumed via Druzhba

Russian oil deliveries to Hungary via the Druzhba pipeline resumed today, the Hungarian Ministry of Technology and Industry said in a statement reported by Interfax.

Ecuador says debt payments not affected by Luxembourg asset freeze

Ecuador's government said on Tuesday its capacity to meet its external debt obligations had not been affected by a Luxembourg court's decision to freeze the South American country's assets amid a dispute with Anglo-French oil company Perenco.

China calls U.S. 'main instigator' of Ukraine crisis

China, which Russia has sought as an ally since being cold-shouldered by the West over its invasion of Ukraine, has called the United States the "main instigator" of the crisis.

Russia plans to connect Zaporizhia NPP to Crimea’s power grid

The six reactors of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant could end up producing electricity only for Russian-controlled territories. Russian forces occupying the Zaporizhia nuclear plant in southeastern Ukraine are preparing to divert electricity production to the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014 without the authorization of the Western community.

Crypto and the US Government Are Headed for a Decisive Showdown

A crop of lawsuits could finally settle the question of whether most digital assets are illegal securities offerings. The days of the crypto free-for-all could soon be over.

Russia-Ukraine: Moscow will seek peace on its own terms

Russia will seek peace with Ukraine but only on its own terms: this was said by the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, quoted by Tass. "Russia is conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and seeks to establish peace on its own terms, exactly on our terms, this must be said openly, and not on the terms that our former international partners, who are looking forward to Russia's military defeat, are trying to impose on us." he stressed.

Argentina, eternally in crisis and trained in resilience, clearly has an opportunity, and the worsening of the situation may be pushing the country toward a resolution, even if certain politicians do all they can to resist it.

For the first time in quite a while, the rest of the world seems headed down a similar path as Argentina, with inflation looking increasingly uncontrollable and a looming recession that will hit both rich and poor nations alike.

Argentina: Massa becomes third economy minister

Tough economical challenges ahead.

Argentina pledges end of money printing to battle 60% inflation

New Economy Minister announces plan to slow down Argentina’s financial crisis hours after he was sworn in. Sergio Massa says he will stop money printing to slow inflation.

Argentina: Massa orders immediate spending limits in first step

Some local markets nonetheless appeared encouraged by the latest developments. Argentine stocks and bonds, as well as the peso currency, edged higher on Thursday, led by the Merval stock index, which rose by as much as 1.1% in the session before closing essentially flat. Meanwhile, the parallel black market peso gained 1.7% to trade at 293 per U.S. dollar, while over-the-counter sovereign bonds rose 0.8%.

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Sleepwalking into a conflict

A Roma non si parla d'altro che del Presidente. Manca poco, anzi pochissimo all'inizio dello spettacolo mediatico della politica. Assomiglia sempre più ad un evento circense, un varietà da dare alla tv tra il tg e l'Eredità quando si riunisce tutta la famiglia. Saltano tutti i nomi, ipotesi. Ma nessuno può sbilanciarsi per non rovinare la propria parte del copione. Intanto, a duemila chilometri di distanza, si consumano gli ultimi giorni di libertà tra due popoli vicini, eppure distanziati da grette logiche politiche che hanno fatto di quella varietà culturale un confine. Distratti dal Presidente, non se ne parla neanche. Sembra una dimensione lontana, distante ed estranea a noi. Eppure è vicinissima e sta per scoppiare. Là, in quel confine contestato ai margini dell'Europa potrebbe scoppiare una nuova guerra. Oppure LA guerra. Di quelle disastrose e sproporzionate come già sono avvenute su questo Continente per le quali è bastato un incidente, a Sarajevo, perché il mondo diventasse da lì irriconoscibile. E a questa distanza, lo spettacolino politico che domani andrà in scena assume i contorni di una commedia grottesca. Di quelle che, finita la serata, non si ricordano più.