Concrete Batching Plants: A Comprehensive Overview

Concrete, a man-made substance, plays a crucial role in the construction of various structures including skyscrapers, sidewalks, and houses. Due to its ability to be molded into any shape before hardening, it’s essential to mix concrete properly to ensure durability once set. This process involves careful selection of water, cement, sand, and gravel ratios.

The Importance of Proper Concrete Mixing

The quality of the final concrete product heavily depends on the mixture's components. An excess or lack of paste or water can lead to either easily cracked or rough concrete, respectively. Thus, achieving the right mixture is paramount for a strong foundation.

Location and Types of Concrete Mixing

Concrete is mixed in a batch plant, where components like sand, water, and gravel are combined. There are two main types of concrete batching plants(como instalar una planta de concreto):
  1. Ready-Mix Batch Plants: Here, all concrete components except water are mixed. Water is added during delivery to the job site.
  2. Central-Mix Batch Plants: These facilities mix all components, including water, before transporting the concrete to the construction site.

Ready-Mix Batch Plants

This method involves mixing materials in a plant and then transferring the mix to a truck mixer. There are three approaches with ready-mixed concrete(planta concreto premezclado):
  • Mixing at a low speed during transit and increasing shortly before arrival.
  • Preparing the mix at the yard and transporting it with minimal stirring.
  • Keeping the mix in motion at a medium pace during transportation to ensure thorough mixing upon arrival.

Central-Mix Batch Plants

Also known as "wet batch" concrete plants, central-mix plants offer several advantages:
  • Faster production of concrete mixtures.
  • Reduced wear and tear on concrete-mixing trucks.
  • More uniform mixture compared to truck mixers.
Central-mix plants blend all ingredients in a stationary, silo-like mixer at the plant, ensuring consistency and quality.


Choosing the right method for concrete batching depends on budget, project schedule, and desired quality level. Whether opting for ready-mix or central-mix, understanding the work involved and benefits of each type is crucial for successful construction projects. When you need to buy a concrete plant, you should choose a reliable manufacturer such as AIMIX Group Co., Ltd.(AIMIX Grupo Cía., Ltda.).