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Hey Updates 2022-10

So long and thanks for all the fish (but mostly spam)

Hey Updates 2022-01

Lot's of changes and updates to this instance

Change in Rules

These changes are effective starting December 1, 2021.Β 

Changes to Hey

Because of the immense uptick in automated bot like posts, I have decided that I am changing this instance’s policy. Effective July 23, 2021, all automated or advertisement type postings will be explicitly forbidden with a few exceptions: a news bot of aggregated news sources and events is still allowed as I find these posts useful. If an user account is observed with these behaviors, their post(s) will be deleted. This will act as a first and last warning ⚠️. If a user account continues to show previously observed forbidden posting habits, the user account will be locked for good unless an apology is written to the admin.