Should I Wax Over a Ceramic Coating? Expert Opinions

Ceramic coatings provide a robust barrier of car paint protection for your vehicle’s exterior. However some car owners wonder if topping the coating with wax adds extra protection or could potentially compromise the ceramic layer. According to professional detailers, waxing over ceramic coatings is generally not advisable.

How Ceramic Coatings Differ from Wax

Ceramic coatings form a durable chemical bond with a car’s clearcoat for years of protection and shine. The glass-like molecular structure helps repel contaminants, water, and UV rays, and buffers against minor scratches. Waxes, on the other hand, sit on top of the clearcoat. The carnauba or synthetic polymers act as a temporary sacrificial barrier, wearing away over a few months. Wax adds slickness and shine by filling in micro-scratches but does not permanently bond to the paint.

Why Waxing May Seem Beneficial

Some car enthusiasts think adding wax over the ceramic coating provides an extra layer of protection and helps fill in any minor coating imperfections. It seems logical that more layers mean more protection and shine. Additionally, waxing can provide nostalgic satisfaction for enthusiasts who enjoy regularly pampering their paint with old-fashioned waxing as maintenance.

Why Most Experts Advise Against It

However, most professional detailers caution against putting wax over ceramic coatings for a few key reasons: The wax can only bond to itself, not the slick coating, limiting durability. Softer wax gets sacrificed before the harder ceramic layer, reducing real-world protection. Added friction from waxing potentially impacts coating durability. Masking minor flaws with wax gives a false impression of correction. Topping with wax inhibits ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties.

Instead, they suggest using SiO2-infused detailing sprays between coating renewal periods to maintain slickness.

When Waxing Over Coating Could Work

According to experts, the only appropriate time to wax over a ceramic coating is during the paint correction process: Machine polish paint until perfect, hand apply a pure wax to fill the slightest imperfections, remove the wax fully with an IPA wipedown, then immediately apply the ceramic coating to virgin-level paint. The prep wax helps prepare the surface but is eliminated before the ceramic goes on.

Proper Wash Technique Maintains the Coating

Rather than trying to layer on wax, you’ll get the most durability from a ceramic coating by using proper wash techniques. This involves two bucket methods, quality mitts, pH-neutral soaps, and drying aids. Following the manufacturer’s care recommendations keeps the coating intact.

Check with your detailing professional about their specific maintenance advice for the ceramic coating Singapore. Avoid waxing over it unless instructed for prep. Follow their washing methods to maximize the coating’s longevity and car paint protection abilities.