Block Fracking in Scotland MSP Request

Originally posted October 10, 2014

Like many others I recently completed the Friends of the Earth Scotland form which sent the following email request to all of the MSP’s who represent this constituency.

The email subject was Please support the call to block fracking in Scotland.

As I am sure you are aware, the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change are currently offering over 20,000 square km of some of the most populous and beautiful parts of central and southern Scotland for license in the 14th onshore oil and gas round, which closes on 28 October 2014.

Licences granted in this round are more than likely to be offered to companies who want to frack for shale gas, as well as some to those who want to exploit coalbed methane.

Not only is fracking and drilling for unconventional gas linked by ever increasing evidence to serious public health risks, impacts on water resources and the local environment, but opening up a new frontier of fossil fuels as we face catastrophic climate change is the last thing we should be doing. Whether this new industry is allowed to advance in Scotland is a real test of the Government and Parliament’s commitment to Scotland’s world leading Climate Act.

I am aware that the Scottish Government has taken a more cautious approach to unconventional gas than its UK counterpart to date. I also appreciate that having additional powers devolved to Holyrood would allow the Scottish Government and Parliament to take a more holistic approach to energy policy.

But the Scottish Government could use existing powers to block unconventional gas drilling and fracking in Scotland, as in fact it has chosen, rightly, to do with its stance against nuclear energy.

I ask you as my MSP to:

– call on the Scottish Government to ban unconventional gas altogether, to protect communities and the climate;

– block UK Government moves to remove people’s rights to object to or even be notified about shale gas drilling and fracking underneath their homes if a Legislative Consent Motion comes before the Scottish Parliament to enable this to take effect in Scotland.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

The MSP’s for this constituency are as follows:

  • Malcolm Chisholm of Scottish Labour who is your constituency MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith
  • Sarah Boyack of Scottish Labour who represents Lothian
  • Kezia Dugdale of Scottish Labour who represents Lothian
  • Neil Findlay of Scottish Labour who represents Lothian
  • Alison Johnstone of Scottish Green Party who represents Lothian
  • Gavin Brown of Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party who represents Lothian
  • Cameron Buchanan of Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party who represents Lothian

I will post the replies as and when they arrive in separate posts.