Block Fracking in Scotland Response 2

Originally posted October 10, 2014

My second reply from an MSP on the FoE Scotland

Please support the call to block fracking in Scotland

email comes from Labour’s Neil Findlay.

Dear xxx ,

Thank you for your email regarding the UK Government’s plans for fracking.

Scottish Labour has continually raised the issue of fracking in Parliament, including calling for the Scottish Government to introduce robust national guidelines. Our Environment spokesperson Claire Baker MSP has raised concerns in the chamber with the Energy Minister Fergus Ewing MSP and previously submitted a motion in Parliament [which I have supported]. We also pushed for an introduction of a buffer zone between communities and onshore gas drilling sites during the recent National Planning Framework and Scottish Planning Policy process.

Regarding the issues raised in your email I am aware that my college Sarah Boyack MSP her capacity as Scottish Labour’s Planning spokesperson will be writing to the Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing MSP, and the Planning Minister, Derek Mackay MSP, in the Scottish Government along with writing to Matthew Hancock MP, the UK Government’s Energy Minister, to raise your concerns. I have asked to be kept informed.

In the meantime Scottish Labour will continue to push the Scottish Government to introduce robust national guidelines and ensure that full public engagement is undertaken before any future action is taken.

Kind regards,

Neil Findlay MSP for the Lothians

The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP

Tel 0131-348-6896

Constituency office 01506 873242

Interestingly, though he doesn’t link the motion Neil refers to the same 2012 failed Parliamentary motion that his colleague Kezia Dugdale did in her response. He also repeats the call for robust national guidelines.

Neil also references a buffer zone between communities and onshore gas drilling sites, is this the 300m underground buffer between community buildings and the onshore gas drilling locations? Presumably he is suggesting that onshore drilling doesn’t happen under communities, or am I giving him a little too much credit?

By that rationale, if indeed it is accurate, fracking is fine as long as it is documented and isn’t directly under people’s homes?

I’ll never likely hear again whether or not Sarah Boyack does take up my issues with the other ministers mentioned so I’ll disregard that, though it’s a nice thought Neil, thanks.

The last line about ensuring full public engagement would definitely garner my support. However, seeing how every time the public is asked, we are massively against fracking, maybe it would be quicker just to opt for blocking unconventional onshore drilling completely from Scotland?

I am relieved however that Neil doesn’t want to send me a newsletter, well played Mr Findlay.

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