Block Fracking in Scotland Response 3

Originally posted October 10, 2014

My third reply from an MSP on the FoE Scotland Please support the call to block fracking in Scotland email comes from Conservative’s Cameron Buchanan.

Dear Mr xxx

Thank you for taking the time to write to me about fracking.

The Scottish Conservatives are dedicated to achieving a balanced energy mix to meet the country’s needs and we believe unconventional gas extraction has a significant role to play in this.

Whereas ten years ago the UK was a net exporter of gas, today it has to import 10 billion cubic metres per year. Our shale gas reserves could drive down domestic and industrial gas prices and help the country to be less at the mercy of volatile foreign markets and often unstable foreign governments.

I note that the UK government’s recent consultation generated a substantial degree of opposition, but the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) public opinion tracker provides a more accurate gauge of views with only 24% fully opposing fracking and half neither supporting nor opposing it as of August 2014.

The SNP Government’s recent criticism of Westminster’s approach to fracking and their call for additional powers to Scotland is no more than political posturing. Planning is already under the Scottish Government’s control and so fracking can only go ahead with their agreement. The licensing regime for unconventional gas extraction is, and will remain, rigorous requiring input from the DECC, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), planning authorities and in some instances the Coal Authority.

I am aware of some local homeowners’ concerns about fracking under or near to their properties, in particular the proposed right to drill to depths of 300 metres under private land without negotiating a right of access has been contentious. However, gas, water and electricity companies already have similar rights and there is no evidence of any harm that would be caused by fracking if properly regulated.

Safety is a top priority for the Government and it is worth noting that the UK has over 50 years of experience in regulating the onshore oil and gas industry. This experience is critical in avoiding risks such as the contamination of water supplies.

Overall, I am confident that fracking will continue to be conducted safely, responsibly and with local interests in mind. I believe it will benefit the country in terms of energy security, economic growth and jobs creation.

Yours sincerely Cameron Buchanan MSP

To start on a positive, Mr Buchanan didn’t presume to refer to me by my first name as the previous Labour ruffians had. Swell Cameron old boy, swell.

The rest is a self-explanatory pro-fracking mailshot which can be summarised by “We know the public don’t like it but we’ve found some figures that suggest otherwise, the UK is great and it’s making us lots of money, so go fuck yourself peasant, yours sincerely Cameron Buchanan”

You can wrap pleasantries and politeness all around this as much as you like but fracking can lead to earth tremors, subsidence, intoxicated land and water and has links to cancer and a slew of other conditions. The UK has one of the EU’s worst records in health and safety and considering their nuclear plants are perpetually leaking then where the fuck do you get all that confidence from? Ah yes, your wealth.

At least if he swapped his surnames around I wouldn’t feel ashamed for sharing a clan with this douche.

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