Can someone write an ESA him/herself?

In order to manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses, different people seek different solutions. Many depressed people have to seek therapy or medicine from their therapists. Many people go to their friends to comfort themselves and feel happy. 

In order to manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses, different people seek different solutions. Many depressed people have to seek therapy or medicine from their therapists. Many people go to their friends to comfort themselves and feel happy. Similarly, emotional support animals are considered as the companions that can help people to come out of depression. They provide unconditional support, comfort, and love to the owner. It has been found through different studies that an Emotional Support Dog or any other ESA escalates the level of dopamine and oxytocin in humans. All these hormones are linked to positive feelings of bonding and love.

There are many legal protections and rights associated with keeping emotional support animals. The federal laws of the United States prevent all kinds of discrimination based on disability. It has been proposed by the Fair Housing Act that landlords cannot prevent the ESA owner from keeping ESA dogs or cats. Even ESA owners have the right to fly with their pets because it is part of their therapy. In order to secure all the advantages from the law related to ESAs, the owner must have a legitimate esa letter. Without the letter, the owner will not be able to enjoy all the rights of keeping an emotional support animal. ESA letter represents that an emotional support animal is required to manage your mental health.

Who can Prescribe an ESA Letter?

It is not possible for someone to write an ESA letter for themself. There are authorized professionals who can prescribe these letters to people as a part of their treatment. Any licensed mental health professional has the authority to prescribe ESA letters to mentally ill or depressed patients. It is considered a part of therapy since emotional support animals provide love to depressed people.

ESA Letter and Physicians

If your primary care physician or any family doctor is licensed, he has the authority to write an ESA letter for you. If you are getting therapy from your family doctor to improve your mental health, you can ask him to prescribe you an emotional support animal. He can even write an ESA letter for housing and flying as well. And if you want an esa letter for dog then he will write that for you as well.

It is a good way for people to get letters without disclosing their mental condition to a number of different strangers. It is not easy to get an ESA assigned because it includes the process of in-depth psychological examination. The results of psychological examinations determine whether someone should be prescribed an emotional support animal or not.

ESA Letter and Therapists

A licensed therapist is considered as one who helps the patients to develop cognitive skills in order to manage the symptoms of mental illness. Therapists can provide the patients with emotional support animal documentation to assist them in relieving symptoms of depression or any other mental illness. Psychiatrists, mental health counselors, psychologists, and clinical social workers can help depressed people in getting emotional support letters. If the professional does not possess a license, the ESA letter will be considered invalid and unacceptable. Before starting a session, make sure that the healthcare professional possesses a license so that an ESA letter can be assigned. Before getting treatment, do some research in your area to get a licensed and efficient professional. Different online websites can also help people in this matter.


You must have a proper understanding of the ESA letters and the laws associated with them. You must also be aware of how emotional support animals will help you to get rid of mental illness and will be proven beneficial for you. The right emotional support animal should be determined once you have gotten the ESA letter. Usually, doctors recommend ESAs but you can also get it with your own choice.

Medical Reports

In order to get the perfect evaluation of your mental condition, take all your medical reports to a professional. The condition and needs of the patient can be verified from his medical history. A family doctor can help in the provision of these reports. You cannot get a cheap esa letter from a professional without the provision of medical reports.

Qualifying Conditions

Emotional support animals are not required in every mental condition. Certain conditions necessitate emotional support animals for the patients. These conditions are depression, motor skill disorder, deficit disorder, or anxiety. The ESA letter also includes the condition of the patient for clarity.

ESA and Service Animal

It should be noted that there is a difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals get assigned to the patients for support and love. Therapeutic purposes are associated with an ESA. Service animals serve patients with physical disabilities. The access of emotional support animals is different from service animals so they should be avoided to be brought to the grocery store.

ESA and Pets

Pets and emotional support animals are also different from each other. The difference is not only in their role but it lies in the legal protections as well. People bring the pets into their homes as cuddle buddies. They get emotionally attached to their pets but it has nothing to do with therapy. Emotional support animals are the part of your mental treatment which gets prescribed by a therapist or your family doctor. Pets are not included in the laws associated with ESA, so both are different in purpose and services. You can keep a pet for entertainment purposes but not for treatment. 

If you are wondering how to get an esa letter then you need to get in contact with a professional.

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