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Applying for teaching assistant positions is great for those who want to get teaching experience. Who are teaching assistants? Teaching assistant positions are available to qualified individuals who want to gain teaching experience and earn more money. Students who wish to be teachers after graduating from college often apply for teaching assistant positions. Teaching assistants may be students at the college or university where they teach, but they can also be from other schools and want to gain experience in teaching. What do teaching assistants do? The primary task of teaching assistants is to write my capstone project for me and help lecturers and professors. This is done through administering tests and watching over students while they take exams. Oftentimes, teaching assistants are tasked with preparing visual and audio teaching aids, as well as reproducing and distributing course readings to students. On those times when the professor is unable to come to class, the teaching assistant may be asked to take full responsibility of discussing lessons to students. Grading reports, papers, and exams may also be among the responsibilities of teaching assistants. Even though teaching assistants hold lower ranks than professors, students should also treat them with the same respect they extend to their professors. Because teaching assistants are often less intimidating and more approachable than professors, you might find it easier to talk to them about your courses. Teaching assistants may also have to provide student evaluations to professors so their judgment may be able to affect your grades. Shifting majors seems fairly common for students who are in their first year in college. In fact, a report by an Ivy League school confirmed that first year and second year college students switch courses up to four times. Throughout their college years, students may realize the fields they are truly interested in. As they set goals for their future career, college students may lead to this discovery by taking various classes that help them realize their true interest. By joining different student organizations, they may also find their niche and specialize on where they’re truly good at. While there’s nothing wrong in switching majors, this decision may take a toll on school fees, academic orientation, and years you need to finish college. To avoid shifting to different courses, it would be best to study the course offering carefully before enrollment. For those who plan on switching, here’s a list of benefits and disadvantages to help you make up your mind: On a positive note Switching majors actually allow you to explore more options and possible career opportunities. It may be worth it to find something that you can do passionately. With passion and sincere interest, you may easily excel on the field you’re specializing in and focus on developing the needed skills. This will also let you discover the best career or profession based on your interest, skills, and preference, helping you make the most out of your college education.