New year of massacre

was written on new year's evening 2023/2024.

15 years ago, new year’s night, Israel was committing one of it’s largest massacre campaign in Gaza. A protest was spontaneously organized in Haifa. Just before midnight, we were marching from Massada St. to the German colony, chanting in Arabic and Hebrew. one slogan in Hebrew was

לא חוגגים לא חוגגים - כשרוצחים ילדים

Which says “No partying, no partying, while children are being murdered”. When we entered the German colony, the police attacked. As a response, the Palestinian masses left the pubs and joined the protest. the confrontation was ended by all of us marching freely on the main street and chanting for Gaza.
Last night was a sad night with death and horror in #Gaza and the streets of Haifa relatively quiet. Not celebrating (so much), no protest.