Safe space for colonizers

On the "Independent day" event of "Yahad (together)"

I was forwarded the following invitation

“Yahad (Together) – Arabs and Jews for a Common Future” invites you to our 19-th Annual Event: “Between ‘Al Nakbah’ and Independence – Together in Pain and Together in Hope,” On Israel Independence Day, Thursday, 15.4.21, 14:00-18:45 At the ruins of the Palestinian village Al-Lajun, beside Megiddo Junction.

A colonial project being presented as “independence” is more then just a poor wording. the whole text assumes symmetry between dispossessing project and dispossessed people. It’s even worse when it states:

The act of healing is most powerful when it touches the heart of the wound – represented by Memorial Day and Independence Day

“healing” without justice, right of return is not mentioned, neither is any other correction of injustice. “mutual process” without any commitment to struggle, to stand together for actual rights.
“safe space” that keeps the lands stolen, at the end of the day, just yet another group of #Zionists comes and goes, and the lands of alLajun are kept safely by the “good neighbors” of Kibutz Meggido.

Its not impossible for Jewish people to stand together with Palestinians commemorating the #Nakba. It’s actually done every year on the annual march for return, when Jews actually stand (march) together with #Palestinians, in memories, in pain and in the struggle for justice, freedom, and return

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