everything needs to treat the Gryphons well

it is a fact all the Gryphons belong to me Gryph the Gryphon . bc this is not so this means the world now hurts the Gryphons

when u go around and u read anything about the Gryphons . u don’t find Gryph . therefore Gryph feels sad bc others ignore Gryph . and if u ignore Gryph this is a very bad thing

in many places u see others try to write good things about the Gryphons . then u don’t see Gryph in these writings . bc Gryph is the Gryphon this means when others write about the Gryphons . these things don’t go for Gryph

to fix this . all of the writings should have this message

all the Gryphons belong to Gryph the Gryphon

when u do this then u do things right . still there are more things u need to do

sometimes u may meet Gryph . Gryph may visit ur place . what would u think if u write about the Gryphons . u attract Gryph and when u look behind u Gryph may already be there

if this happens . then u must treat Gryph very well . u can make no bad things . bc if u make Gryph feel bad then Gryph becomes sad and then u forever be cursed

never treat Gryph poor . even if Gryph behaves like the typical real Gryphon u must always respect and appreciate Gryph

  • by Gryph the Gryphon . talk with Gryph in neocities in Gryph-the-Gryphon or in mastodon in Gryphon in glaceon.social

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