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Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10 - (Fixed - Latest Guide)

Did you just come across the “Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10” problem while trying to get a print from your printer on Windows 10? Canon Printer in error state is a common problem that is faced by all brands of printers. If you have updated your system from a previous version to the latest Windows 10, you might be facing this problem a lot more. In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to fix canon printer in error state windows 10.

Canon Printer Error State is a very common issue faced by users all over the world. If you are seeking help to get rid of it, the following guide will help. First, know the causes of the error state:

Reasons of Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10:-

Once your Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10, you need to perform some simple methods and see if your problem is gone. But before this, it is crucial to know about the root cause of the canon printer error state issue, so read the below points that will teach you about this.

Maybe the drivers are not installed correctly.

Check if you have downloaded the drivers and software belonging to your canon printer model.

Connectivity issues can also be the root of this canon printer error state issue.

BIOSS issue is a very common factor in giving rise to this daunting issue.

Maybe the wires or USB cables are not connected well.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10:-

Fix the Ports:-

Right-click on the ‘Windows’ icon or ‘Start’ in some versions and select the ‘Device Manager’ option.

From the ‘TaskBar’, click on the ‘View’ option and select the option of ‘Show hidden devices.

Scroll down the options, find and click on the ‘Port (COM & LPT)’ option.

By double-clicking on it, you can expand the options.

Select the ‘Printer Port’ and right-click on it to drop down its options.

Choose the ‘Properties’ option and from the next window, select the ‘Port Settings’ tab.

Hit on the ‘Use any interrupt assigned to Port’ from the given options and tick on the ‘Enable Legacy Plug and Play Detection’ box.

Now, click on the ‘OK’ to apply the changes and close the window.

Choose the option of ‘Restart’ from the Start Menu and when the computer restarts, use your printer and confirm that there is no such Canon printer error anymore.

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Restart the Canon Printer and Computer:-

Go to the ‘Start button and click on the ‘Power’ icon.

Choose the ‘Restart’ option and leave the system as it is for a while.

Go to the Canon Printer and long-press the ‘Power’ button.

When the printer switches off, wait for a minute, and turn on the ‘Power’ button again.

Give a print command and check if the Canon MX470 printer in error state has been resolved.

Verify the Internet Connection:-

Check if your printer and computer are both connected with a strong network.

Make sure that the network you are using has no issues at all.

If there is any connectivity issue, fix it up.

Once the connection problem is fixed, try running a test print job to see if the Canon printer error has gone.

I hope this will fix your error immediately. If not check mentioned blog for expert Help.

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