The 10 Most Beautiful Mosques Around The World

Mosques are more than simply places of prayer; they are breathtaking architectural feats in their own right. The world’s most stunning mosques are stunning architectural wonders with equally stunning histories. Travelers from all over the globe go to see them because of their incredible aesthetic value and the skill and artistry shown in their construction. A mosque, or masjid in Arabic, is a holy building where Muslims come together to pray the Salat. It implies “a site of ceremonial prostration” in its literal sense. Through the years, mosques have served as a symbol of millions of Muslims’ devotion to their religion.

A look at the history and theological importance of the 10 most beautiful mosques in the world. Few of these gems can be witnessed in our

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1. The Al-Haram Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

It’s safe to say that the Al-Haram mosque is one of the most well-known religious buildings on the whole globe. Each year, millions of Muslims pilgrimage to the mosque to do the Hajj or Umrah, which is listed in the Quran as the first building ever constructed for the worship of Allah.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with its 82 white domes, several exquisite hand-knotted carpets, and numerous Swarovski-covered chandeliers, is without a doubt one of the most magnificent mosques in the world. Incredible in design, it can house over forty thousand worshipers all at once. It also has a pool that, at night, beautifully reflects the columns of the mosque. There are 1096 columns in the mosque that are decorated with amethyst and jasper.

3. Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

For Muslims, the Hagia Sophia Mosque is a pilgrimage place not just because of its stunning aesthetics but also because of the vital role it played in the development of Islam. This holy site is a stunning Byzantine-style mosque that has stood the test of time. It was constructed as a church but transformed into a mosque by the Ottomans, who ruled the region from 1453 to 1935. The structure reflects the several architectural styles used for the mosque throughout its history.

4. Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan

The Wazir Khan Mosque is a popular destination for pilgrims because of its convenient location on a major thoroughfare in Lahore, Pakistan’s northernmost metropolis. Built in the 17th century, the church has exquisite Fresco paintings and tile work. The mosque, constructed in the Indo-Islamic style, is a prime example of Islamic architecture and has stunning Mughal-era mosaics.

5. Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran

Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque is one of the most stunning examples of Islamic architecture in the world because of the unique way in which it combines the play of light with the act of worshipping Allah. It was commissioned in the nineteenth century by Mirza Hasan Ali Nasir of the Qajar dynasty. Because of the abundance of pink tiles used in its construction, it is also often referred to as the Pink Mosque. The mosque’s grandeur is heightened by the presence of a stunning rectangular pool surrounded by blossoming plants on the mosque’s grounds.

6. Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a stunning structure that earned the nickname “Blue Mosque” due to the usage of Blue Iznik tiles inside. The mosque was built in the 17th century, during Ahmed I’s reign. Some consider this impressive mosque, with its six soaring minarets and five central domes, to be the last great mosque built during the classical period.

7. Islamic Centre Mosque in Rijeka, Croatia

A stunning blend of modern architecture and traditional Islamic design aesthetics characterises this mosque. The mosque’s distinctive dome is fashioned from five individual components that come together to form a unified entity due to curvilinear geometric forms and patterns. The famous Croatian sculptor Duan D’amonja was commissioned to create the Islamic Centre Mosque. The mosque, which is now a major tourist attraction, was erected to fulfil a long-standing need of the Muslim population in Rijeka for a place of worship.

8. Jama Masjid in New Delhi, India

Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque in India, was constructed in New Delhi between 1650 and 1656 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Made of red sandstone and white marble, this house of devotion can accommodate as many as 25,000 visitors. The mosque, built in the Indo-Islamic style, is very gorgeous; it has three domes, two minarets, and three gates.

9. Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Syria

The stunning mosque has endured challenges of time since its completion in 715, more than a millennium ago. It has three tall domes and a spacious courtyard where many Muslims worship five times a day.

10. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman

The stunning Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman can seat up to 20,000 worshipers. It opened in 2001 and was constructed to honour Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman for his 30 years in power. With its vibrant mosaics and intricate crystal work, this mosque is quite breathtaking. Its five minarets stand for the five pillars of Islam.

When you want to spend some time in a location where you can feel the passion of the people who worship there, there’s no better place to go than a mosque. Worshippers rely on Allah for mercy, good fortune, and rewards, and they express their gratitude by praying along their journey. You can also get a chance to pray at some of these places while availing our umrah packages 2023 Bradford. In addition to being on the must-see list of religious Muslims, tourists, architects, and historians for their stunning design and aesthetics, these sites are also among the world’s most important cultural and historical landmarks.