Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP: Streamlining Your Business Processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you deliver better results through predictable, AI-based insights. An ecommerce platform that not only allows you to bring your business online but unifies your brick-and-mortar and online stores while providing you with great insightful analytics on your business performance. It offers wide automation and personalization capabilities, resulting in a consistent shopping experience for your customers.

Think Big, Start Small - You can start with a single application and increase more when the necessity arises, and the organization can keep up. We at Peritos Solution, a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner and IT consulting firm, are committed to offering robust functional consulting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. We develop solutions that thousands of individuals use globally while operating under a white label. We help IT companies focus their attention on their customers by handling customization and development-related tasks and activities. Our Microsoft certified experts can help you achieve a flawless customer experience cost-efficiently. With us, you can just watch your business grow with full pace.

Our services include:

• Automating the sales process • Performance evaluation of sales forces • Automated marketing • Management of customer experience

Nowadays, we all know that the ERP trends in the business applications market are geared towards the company’s eagerness for top quality ERP software systems, especially for predictive analytics. Here are some of the many ERP technology trends you should have a look at:

• Cloud Acceleration: Through cloud acceleration, medium-sized enterprises can accelerate the data delivery to respective nodes and take advantage of real-time verification and data feeds. • AI Integration: The upcoming ERP combined its functionalities with AI to provide smooth operations in customer service for inventory management, report generation, efficient accounting, and so on for a variety of businesses in the market. • Customer-focused Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP plays a vital role in strengthening the connection between the business and the customers to reduce response time, generate an alert, and advance overall customer satisfaction. It increases the efficiency in day-to-day business processes. • Marketing Aide: Through cloud-based ERP systems, organizations can streamline their backend data efficiently while taking advantage of trends and perform ERP analytics to support their digital marketing strategies with better business insights. • Agile Support: Agile ERP supports a centrally accessible database to expedite and reduce iterations, avoid operational glitches, and expand processing management.

As Microsoft dynamics 365 erp system consists of a number of different intelligent business programs, also called applications, that help you manage processes within different business areas such as sales, service, marketing, finance, project management, and HR, never forget to improve your business by implementing a Dynamics 365 solution corresponding to your business needs with Peritos as a reliable partner.