Nude sleeping going mainstream

The easiest way to start living nude

Increasingly, mainstream media outlets are reporting about the many benefits of sleeping in the buff. Reduce stress, let your skin breath, better circulation, to name a few. Perhaps, these reports are part of the "wellness craze," but I think nude sleeping, as well as nude living, need this kind of positive media exposure (no pun intended) more often.

Personally, I have been stripping down before bed for 20 years. Nude sleeping was the first nude "activity" I did on a regular basis when I started exploring naturist living. I never went back to my pajama since then.

It is so easy to integrate sleeping naked into your daily routine - Simply take everything off (if you're not already naked) and go to bed! Nude sleeping cost literally nothing, there might even be laundry savings down the track! Plus, for most people, they do this "activity" the most privacy-friendly places on Earth - their own rooms.

Woman sleeping nude on white sheet

So, why not give nude sleeping a go tonight?

Footnote: Read how the media is "raving about" nude sleeping: Marie Claire, Forbes, and

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