Fixing faulty parallelism to perfect your essay: 5 guidelines

People praise online learning a lot but it has made student life a living hell. There are too many assignments and quizzes taking place. Due to chances of cheating, professors have made their grading criteria quite strict. You need to write a perfect essay to get a good grade because even the small and ignorable mistakes are often pinpointed. To get a better idea about writing, continue reading the guideline

Details of a college essay

An essay is a piece of academic writing that tends to explain the topic and your stance on it. Some students score poorly on assignments because they are unaware of how to write an essay with no mistakes. All essays have a catchy introduction (with hooks) that ends with a thesis statement describing your stance and summarizing the upcoming paragraphs. According to the word limit, you’ll have to write around 3 to 5 body paragraphs; each addressing a specific point with evidence and examples. In the end, you will conclude the paper by summarizing the data and provide a list of references.

Common errors in college essays and their solution

  1. Comma splice: when there are 2 separate clauses, add a period or semicolon wherever appropriate.

  2. Parallelism: You have to make the grammar between sentences parallel.

  3. Format: You should follow the format and not ignore the guidelines.

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What is faulty parallelism?

 Any words that are joined by conjunction should be grammatically similar. If they are not you might be a victim of faulty parallelism.

wrong sentence: Dogs are loyal, adorable, and a source of entertainment.

corrected sentence:  Dogs are loyal, adorable, and entertaining.

Tips to Fix faulty parallelism

  1. Be careful from the start
  • Avoid faulty parallelism in your essay writing from the beginning

  • Keep the basic rules in mind while writing the essay

  • If this is time-consuming, highlight the places where you believe you made parallelism mistakes and correct them at the end.

  • . If you feel like this is time-consuming, highlight the places where you think you’ve made mistakes and move on. After you’re done with the essay, correct your mistakes.

  1. Change the structure of one word
  • Observe the sentence carefully and highlight the inappropriate word

  • Change the structure of the word that is odd

  • Example: My dog loves to eat his favorite treat and <u>sleeping</u>

  • Correct: My dog loves to eat his favorite treat and sleep

  1. Replace the word with a better one
  • Sometimes a word seems forced into a sentence

  • You need to identify the inappropriate word and replace it with a better one.

  • Example: <u>what I did</u> and my words are similar.

  • Correct: my actions and my words are similar. 

  1. Watch out for lists
  • If you have listed something in your paper, check if it is grammatically coherent

  • Your headings need to be grammatically parallel

  • Example: Introduction, methodology, <u>analyzing data</u>, findings, conclusion

  • Correct: Introduction, analysis of data, findings, conclusion

  1. Hire essay writing services
  • Checking for parallelism can be frustrating.

  • Tell a professional essay writer “write my essay while avoiding grammatical errors”.

  • You can send them your final draft and tell them to correct the error

  • In the meantime, relax and let others take care of your work


If your essay is full of grammatical errors, you will probably get a bad grade. Some students incorrectly believe that the creativity in the content will make the professor ignore such mistakes. You need to proofread your work for faulty parallelism and run-on sentences to get the best possible grade. You may hire a paper writing service to do this job for you.