Plume Development 2021-02-01

Slow pace development

Last week I was busy at work and couldn’t write code well. But some people contributed to Plume!

Mobile menu issue

@marek-lach continues to work on mobile menu issue that it doen’t open on iOS. @iamdoubz offered to prepare test environment for Marek!

Performance improvement for user details page

I’ve been aware that user details page such as sometimes very slow (I linked to my instance because this fix is not applied to yet). Not only that, the slowness affects whole instance performance. I found the cause (database connection pool is exhausted) and fixed it.

Riker’s actor system and previous attempts on Gitea helped me very well. I feel I stand on top of @meena’s great works.

Static build attempting

@pwFoo’s achieved to build an Alpine Linux image including static Plume binaries. Remaining thing to do seems making it work with PostgreSQL.

Remote iteraction issue

@amreo reported a case that remote interaction (liking and boosting posts on remote instance, and following users on remote instance) fails. His detailed steps to reproduce helps me understand what’s happening without runnig code and jump to thinking how to fix. Detailed information is so appriciated although sometimes providing it is hard.

Removal of Python from build script

@pwFoo found Python script is used to build Docker image and an base image to build musl binaries doesn’t include Python in it. Python is used to detect CPU architecture. @pwFoo is trying to remove Python dependency and use some system commands but they and I don’t know about CPUs well. If there’s someone who can help us, visit #887.

I’m aware that many poeple use Plume and report idea and issues. Thank you all.