Introducing myself

Since this is the start of my blog, I figure I should introduce myself. My name is Rory Price, I'm Canadian, and I write science-fiction. I might also talk about other things from time to time, mostly centered around various forms of creativity. I'm also interested in copyleft culture and free software.

My current project, Opt Out, is currently in the editing stage. I'm hoping to have it out as soon as possible. It tells the story of Aaron Flynn, a FOSS consultant who lives in the near future. A technology known as smart implants is becoming so widespread that the Canadian government announces that everyone can get implants for free, which would allow them to connect to the Internet and access a wide array of applications from anywhere.

Sounds like great news? To most people it is, but Aaron is worried that only two large corporations make implants, and the public knows very little on how they actually work and what the software involved really does. Aaron had hoped that his days of activism were behind him, but this is too big for him to ignore.

As someone who's very privacy-conscious and often worried about the way people readily accept everything companies like Google or Facebook throw at them, I wanted to write about where we could be headed if we're not careful. Obviously, this is sci-fi, and the fun of it often involves taking an idea to its extreme.

I'm also hoping to write stories set further in the future at some point. I have a few ideas, and I'm hoping a few of you will enjoy them.