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Cable protectors are very important when there is a construction in the street or inside an industry where a lot of machinery is manipulated. Our heavy duty cable protectors allow pedestrians traffic, cars or heavy duty equipment to pass over them without a problem, this can prevent accidents or traffic jams.

Heavy duty cable protectors are multipurpose

We can offer you different kinds of cable protectors depending on the amount of machinery you are operating, we offer you cable protectors with many channels as you need, they are made of polyurethane which is very resistant material, ready to handle any kind of weather, which makes them perfect to use outdoor and indoor, as they come with interlocking pieces and modular varieties for you to make your covers as long as you want. We also have lidded models, open top models, drop over models, low profile models and rubber duct models for light application so everybody can have a clear sight of them at night, they all are non-slip models.

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