6 Questions Episode 01

Who am I and why this podcast

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Who, what, where, when, why and how.

Who am I?

Greetings! If this is the first time you've ever ran across me I am Unkle Bonehead and welcome to the Self Hosted Podcast, a journey into taking control of your data and entering the Fediverse. It's not only my journey but it just might be yours as well.


Because large corporations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc have your data in their control. And that means they have successfully turned human beings into a product. Back when I was in high school and computers were just getting started I kept hearing over and over that "Information is the way of the future." I didnt understand it until now. The information they were talking about is you and me. Our personal data. Your personal information. They have successfully, and we have willfully let them, turn our very existance into a product that can be sold to advertisers. A phrase I hear a lot now adays is "If your not root, you dont own it." And that is more true now than ever before.

What is this podcast about?

This podcast is about getting away from all that. Getting away from being hitched at the hip to large conglomorate corporations that dont care about you or your privacy and may even want to keep your personal opinions quiet.

Where can you find it and more info?

Over the first couple of episodes I'll talk about how to go about taking back conrrol over your stuff and getting back to being root of your life. I will talk about how easy it is to host your own server, whether its on a remote vps or right in your own home. Sync your pc, phone, contact list, music, movies, ebooks, email, etc. All in your control and not in someone elses. No one sniffing your broswer history, reading your direct messages or emails just so they can show you better ads.

When can you get new episodes?

I'm going to try to publish them as weekly but some may come as early as every other day.It depends on what I may run across and how exciting it is. You can get them right here on this website and I may mirror tham on Archive.org. There is an itunes button to subscribe to the show but it isnt on it. I may, sometime in the future, decide to submit to itunes but for the immeaditate future no. If I run into problems with the download speed or some other technical issue I may use Anchor.fm as I do with my other podcasts. But I really want to keep with the self hosting scheme.

How can you get started?

Heres a few links to get you started checking into self hosting, taking control of your data and entering the Fediverse.

Switching Social List of ethical, easy and privacy conscious alternative apps.

Fediverse Party List of federated social networks

Yunohost The best way to get started self hosting

Mastodon Twitter

Peertube Video

Funkwhale Music

Pixelfed Instagram

Write Freely Blogging


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