#Cexit ~ Raw paper

From egocentric motives to joyful federated megalomania

  1. Rampant censorship and now the coronoia-tracing app on my android got me researching for alternatives that work for me as a non-expert.

  2. People around me seem to be very interested, but the entry hurdles and the fact that everybody and their dog is on the big networks keeps them from moving to decentralized solutions.

  3. This gave birth to the idea of documenting my personal attempts to move and to use my atm rather orphaned yt-channel https://youtube.com/c/thewayofdog as well as my „old“ social media accounts to promote what I find out.

  4. Ideally, to get over the babylonic language chaos in Europe, as text and video and in as many languages as possible (eng, ger, fra I can do myself, spa and ita would be great in coop)

  5. Learning about the fediverse, it seems there is great potential for local communities to create local instances of mastodon. This inspires to find a way to spread the word to councils, businesses etc.

  6. The easiest way seems to be, to find one place, where this could work and document it, so that others can follow the example.

  7. And lbnl the crazy idea that should always be part of a project: create an easily replicable fediverse roadshow concept, so the decentralization can spread from community to community. Seeing giant inflatable mastodons on city squares at this point, so I better stop :)

Some background:

former musher and wilderness guide studied international development became a video journalist returned to nature and a yurt in permaculture gardens observes and acts intentionally mostly

More questions than answers? If this project is somewhat up your alley, please get in touch. Looking forward to clarify them with you as we go – this path is revealing itself with every step: jamesschwartz@tutanota.com https://t.me/@jamesschwartz https://mastodon.technology/@thewayofdog