This blog is the space I am designating as my personal musing ground for game design, development, and play. If past blogs are any indicator, I don't expect to be particularly active in this space, but I like having such a space available to me when I get the urge to write more long form ideas and thoughts. What I particularly like about this space specifically is that I can easily spread my writing around my assorted homes in the Fediverse!

I expect I will write thoughts about gameplay occasionally, but this will probably turn into something of an expansion / generalization of the GUTS+ updates blog. I have an all-but-defunct Tumblr blog about game development, so maybe any thoughts that would have gone there will come here instead? There may even be the rare game review of games from anywhere in the timeline of video games!

Who knows!

If you want a blog about games both physical and video, this is certainly intended to be one!