EU Must be Ready to Send Aid to Brexit Britain, Says Former PM of Finland

Brussels should offer basic goods to help as Brexit bites, even though it is all Britain's fault

Summary of story from The Telegraph

The European Union must stand ready to send aid to Britain when it is crippled by food and supplies shortages because of Brexit, the former prime minister of Finland has said.

Alexander Stubb said the EU should help a stricken UK  even though it was all Britain’s fault.

He said, “If the EU would play its cards right, it would offer assistance to the UK now or later when the supply of basic goods and services takes a turn for the worse.

“This is what friends do, even if the pain has been self-inflicted, stupid and unnecessary.”

Mr Stubb, who led Finland for 11 months and was the country’s finance minister, predicted the only way to save Britain would be for it to renew closer ties with the EU.

Mr Stubb’s comments echo a widely held view in Brussels that the fuel, supply and truck driver shortages that have hit the UK are a direct consequence of the decision to leave the EU and its Single Market.

EU diplomats claim Northern Ireland has not faced similar problems because a Brexit treaty keeps it within the Single Market.

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