Articles tagged "Apple"

Stomp for Mastodon [ iOS]

Bring the world of Mastodon to your Apple Watch.

Drafts App for  iOS and macOS 

A quick notebook, handy editor, and writing automation tool, rolled into an app

Read the Newly Released Steve Jobs Memoir for Free

Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words

Protect the iCloud Account on Your Phone or Tablet [ iOS]

Keep you iCloud account safe, in case your phone or tablet gets lost or (ack!) stolen

Let Alfred Take Over Spotlight [macOS]

Free app that can replace Spotlight search

Unclutter Your Menu Bar [macOS]

Hide menu bar icons to tidy it up

Swiftfin Now Available on the App Store

Runs on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS devices

Apple Macbook Pro | Apple Macbook Pro Price In India | How To Get A Free Macbook Pro From Apple 2021

The Apple Macbook Pro is refreshing its Macbook setup with a chipset. The Macbook Pro has a notorious plan, amazing perspective, and right overall influence and right worth of your work.

Apple & Google Block Tory Government's Covid-19 App Update over Privacy Breaches

Having the Tory government's Track-and-Trace app blocked by Google & Apple is not unlike Satan telling a mass murder that, "That was well over the top. You should be ashamed of yourself."

iTools 2021

iTools for iOS

Warum befreit ihr euch nicht?

Die Emanzipation von Online-Konzernen

Перехід на перехід, або я вже тут, у федіверсе

Маленька історія про великі пригоди