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I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

I feel like I’m constantly jumping from one thing to another with absolutely no idea as to why or how

Share Your WiFi Password Easily [Android]

Instead of having to tell your friend how the password is spelled, use this:

Free and Public DNS Servers

These are the ones I usually use and recommend

Wer bin ich und was möchte ich hier?

Tories to Pass Law Creating a 'State Speech Regulator' for Online Communication & Media

United Kingdom continues down the oppressive road to a dictatorial system. Legislation of thought, speech, information. UK looses grip on it's freedom & democracy daily.

Warum befreit ihr euch nicht?

Die Emanzipation von Online-Konzernen

Microsoft Had a Crazy Idea to Put Servers Under Water

and It Totally Worked

The Foolishness of Internet Moderators

Being a mod is gay, it's not cool at all

A brief history of HTTP and current pitfalls of HTTP/3

The history of HTTP, the current issues with HTTP/3, and why I'm discontinuing support for HTTP/3 for now

Vignette Of A Neighborhood Captain

This is a crude example of the kind of swarming we will need to do in order to build our network from the grass-roots. It will never be this straightforward, but critical roles and strategies are explored in this vignette.

Sal de la máquina

Cómo superar la adicción a las nuevas tecnologías y recuperar la libertad perdida.

By ghoseSeptember 27, 2019Libros

Let's talk about 8chan

Precedent is more dangerous than we think. Let's look at what happened and what it sets the stage for.