Articles tagged "Mobile"

NearDrop 1.1.1 [ macOS]

NearDrop is a partial implementation of Google's Nearby Share on macOS

Share Your WiFi Password Easily [Android]

Instead of having to tell your friend how the password is spelled, use this:

postmarketOS v23.06 Now Available

A real Linux distro for phones and other mobile devices based on Alpine Linux 3.18

Use Bypass Charging Feature on Your Samsung Phone [Android]

Give your phone's battery a charging break while gaming

Put Your Notifications in Batches [Android]

Improve your focus by scheduling your phone notifications

Google Play Store Alternatives

Get Android apps from other trusted sources

Free Up Space on Google Photos

Install Google Apps on Your Huawei Device

Base para o móbil - Origami

unha base de papel pregado para soster o móbil ou trebello

ffmpeg ao rescate

recodificar un vídeo do móbil para compartilo