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Sin nada


Este será un pequeño blog donde pondré mis poemas y mis pensamientos varios....

Testing out how well Plume works for art

It's a bit annoying.

Neo  Alfresco

Jump to the Blog - https://neoalfresco.blogspot.com/

First post on fediverse blog powered by Plume

Intro Post

Trisquel's Treacherous Trove of Trash and Treasure

Wrong font weight when exporting PDFs? Try this.

ojas jobs

Live Trade-free workouts

Myworkoutarena is a trade-free fitness website there you can download workouts and start working out.

از جشن ۹۸ تا ۹۹ چه کردم؟

روز آزادی نرم‌افزار غیر از اینکه بهانه‌ای است برای صحبت کردن درباره نرم‌افزار آزاد، شاید فرصتی باشد برای مرور عملکردمان در یک سال گذشته...

Il Guardian e la crisi climatica

Il Guardian ha scelto di raccontare la crisi climatica utilizzando diversamente le parole, le espressioni e le immagini che accompagnano i suoi articoli.

The Sweet Certainty of our Decline