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Ukraine Daily Summary - Sunday, October 1

How Ukraine is destroying Russian military in Crimea [podcast] -- Romania investigates another possible airspace violation by Russia -- Russian soldier working with intelligence defects to Ukrainian forces -- Medvedev threatens Russia will seize more Ukrainian regions -- Belarus to showcase abducted Ukrainian children at meeting with foreign diplomats -- and more

I just want to watch Farscape, it’s fucking 2023!

For €150 a month, you can't find what you want to watch

Vous vous souvenez des gilets jaunes qui envahissaient les Champs-Elysées ?

Le gouvernement et les riches sont devenus complaisants depuis les Gilets jaunes

Rabbit Biting: Role of Training and Positive Reinforcement

Ukraine Daily Summary - Saturday, September 30

Ukrainian strike destroys radar station in Russia's Kursk region -- New round of Russian conscription will include Ukraine's occupied territories -- Ukraine names suspects in sabotage at military warehouses in Luhansk Oblast & Czech Republic -- Russia reduces offensive pace on Kupiansk-Kreminna line -- and more

Tabii ki! İşte "Dijital Dönemde Çeviri Hizmetleri: Teknoloji ve İnsan Faktörü" başlıklı ayrıntılı ve ilgi çekici içerik:

Omoi - Tsunekichi Suzuki


La piXine – chapitre 5


Conjectures: part 3

Ukraine Daily Summary - Friday, September 29

Abducting the future: How Ukrainian parents fight to rescue their children from Russia -- Russia is covering Ukraine with landmines. Clearing them will be extremely difficult -- Germany greenlights joint Rheinmetall-Ukraine venture in Kyiv -- and more

Headings to Disentangle the Best Conveyance Associations from Singapore to Malaysia