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MonitorControl Lite app [ macOS]

Control your (built-in and/or external) display's brightness, volume, and contrast, from the macOS menu bar

Latest app - Software Update Checker [ macOS]

Free and open source app for macOS that checks if all your apps are up to date

postmarketOS v23.06 Now Available

A real Linux distro for phones and other mobile devices based on Alpine Linux 3.18

Free and Public DNS Servers

These are the ones I usually use and recommend

Monitor Your Docker Swarm Cluster

Advanced resource monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana

Setup Email Encryption Using the Email Self-Defense Guide

Free Software Foundation has an easy step-by-step guide for email encryption

Check the Battery Health on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

There's an app for that :) 

Use Bypass Charging Feature on Your Samsung Phone [Android]

Give your phone's battery a charging break while gaming

Prevent Nearby Share from Loading on Startup [Windows]

Save some system resources by starting Nearby Share only when you need it

Open Camera - Open Source Camera App for Android

Try a completely free Camera app

AnySoftKeyboard - Open-Source On-Screen Keyboard for Android

Try an Android keyboard that has a clean and straightforward design.

Drafts App for  iOS and macOS 

A quick notebook, handy editor, and writing automation tool, rolled into an app