Following the same person on different platforms

Will there be many platforms or one all-in-one platform?

In my first blog post on Plume I described some of the new ActivityPub networks like Pixelfed, Peertube, Mastodon and Plume. It is possible to have accounts on all of them. Personally, I have two accounts on Mastodon and one here on Plume. As Plume still is experimental I don't post often here, but you could follow me on two AP-networks. I am sure that there are pioneers who have accounts on all platforms available. I wonder if in the long run we will follow the same persons on different networks as we want to know which images, videos and toots they post and which articles they write. If you do this you have to jump from one system to the other. You will see some very different interfaces. This reminds me of the early days of the Internet when we jump from website to website and all of them had different designs.

Will we follow people we like on different platforms or is it foreseeable that someday there will be a new platform called PixelPeerMastoPlume which will federate content of all kind?