A bit about yours truly

Hello! 大家好!Please call me Ninja. I write about naturism, tech, and other random topics.

Internet, software development and Fediverse are some of the things that I pay close attention to, and occasionally write about.

I run this Plume blogging instance as well as a naturist friendly Pleroma instance, hoping to provide a safe and nude-friendly environment for naturists & nudists around the world, and making the Fediverse a more diverse place.

Some other tidbits about me: Born and bred in Hong Kong, Christian, Sydneysider, audiophile, I still buy CDs. 15 years ago I took my swimmers off at Alexandria Bay at Noosa, Queensland. I’ve since identified myself as a naturist (nudist for the US readers)

祝你今天祼體愉快!(Wish you a happy nude day) Until next time…

裸の忍者 Nude Ninja

May 2019

UPDATE March 2022: I’ve made a self-introduction video! Check it out - Hi, my name is Ninja. I’m a Naturist

(Attention: Video contains nudity)