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FSFE and a children's book about software freedom

FLOSS Weekly #708

The Fediverse As Composable Distributed Applications

The promise of the Fediverse is much more than replacing Twitter

Open Source is more than open-source!

If you are reading this article, you should already have some idea about Open Source software. Is that idea suggesting the code of the software to be available? Let's examine how well your idea fits the definition of Open Source. misses Open Source definition

Mapping mit Markdown

Charmante Neuerung bei Cryptpad

Cryptpad entwickelt sich

Tools für kollaboratives Arbeiten

Gedanken zur Corona Warn App / #CoronaWarnApp

Der Ansatz ist top, die Umsetzung mal mehr mal weniger gut. Über: Open Source App, API, Ohne Smartphone, Internet & Bluetooth & Standort Zugriff

By OGJune 17, 2020ogIT

Vignette Of A Neighborhood Captain

This is a crude example of the kind of swarming we will need to do in order to build our network from the grass-roots. It will never be this straightforward, but critical roles and strategies are explored in this vignette.

Try the new Inkscape!

How to download and install Inkscape 1.0 beta builds

Hello World!

What, Who, How

The Fediverse

Originally posted February 5, 2019

Distributed or Federated Social Network

Originally posted April 20, 2018