misses Open Source definition

I just joined As usual, I look for things related to Free/Libre software. I realized there is a tag for OpenSource and if I try to make a see tag page for FreeSoftware, it redirects me to #OpenSource. That is OK I try to understand it, but quickly something very wrong took my attention: the definition provided for the tag was wrong!

Wrong definition of Open Source on

Open Source came to provide an alternative term to avoid confusion over the meaning of #FreeSoftware (free as in freedom, not free beer). Despite having clear official definition, many people take open-source literally as software with publicly available code. Providing the source code is the second of the 10 conditions for software to be considered as Open Source one. I do strongly suggest going through the definition and reading all the 10 criteria.

Here my question is why does a platform like send such a wrong message about Open Source definition? I try to contact admins and I hope to see change.