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I use linux and hopefully write interesting guides on it.

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How to install GalliumOS on a chromebook using Chrx

This is a repost of a guide I made on a different blogging platform when I only owned an ex-chromebook. It talks about how to install unlocked BIOS and install GalliumOS (a linux distro using xfce to make a chromeOS - like linux experience.))

By CMMMay 24, 2020CMM

Getting screenshotting to work in Dwm: an interesting experience

A few days ago I decided to finally fix screenshotting in dwm. After about an hour I finally got it working, sort of. #100DaysToOffload

By CMMMay 17, 2020CMM

Using your Numpad as a Mouse

Today I found a cool little xorg command that lets you use your numpad as a mouse. For my secound #100DaysToOffload I decide I would share it.

By CMMMay 16, 2020CMM

Making Colored Bash Prompts | Easier said than done.

For the past few days I've been working on my bash prompt. I found it to be very confusing so I thought I would share it for my first day in #100DaysToOffload.

By CMMMay 13, 2020CMM

Living in Dwm for Two Weeks: A Review

I've finally got to get Dwm usable and I stuck with it for the past couple weeks. Here's my review.

By CMMMay 11, 2020CMM

Installing suckless's Dwm - How it works and how to install my build.

I've recently started getting into Dwm (Dynamic window manager.) It has definetly earned a spot as one of my favorite WMs. Here's how to install it and get my build of it.

By CMMMay 4, 2020CMM

A Few Games I've Been Playing During Quarantine

Here are a few FOSS games I've been playing during the past few weeks

By CMMMay 1, 2020CMM

Using the Weechat IRC Client: Quick Overview

Weechat is a fully-featured, extensible and light IRC client for the terminal. Let's check it out.

By CMMMarch 14, 2020CMM

A Compositor For i3: PiCom

By CMMFebruary 29, 2020CMM

Ricing the i3 Tiling Window Manager

For the longest time I would try to use i3 but failed to do so because of how ugly the unriced vanilla version looked. this post will help you recreate my i3 rice and learn how to make your own.

By CMMFebruary 27, 2020CMM

Installing and Making Arch linux Usable Part 2

You've installed Arch. Now what...

By CMMFebruary 18, 2020CMM

Installing and Making Arch linux Usable Part 1

Recently I installed Arch Linux, a simple lightweight Linux distrobution. Here's a guide on how I installed it.

By CMMFebruary 16, 2020CMM