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This is my blog. For my shorter post's I have a Mastodon.

I am into Dwm, ricing and other linux related things.


Latest articles

How to install GalliumOS on a chromebook using Chrx

This is a repost of a guide I made on a different blogging platform when I only owned an ex-chromebook. It talks about how to install unlocked BIOS and install GalliumOS (a linux distro using xfce to make a chromeOS - like linux experience.))

By CMMMay 24, 2020CMM

Getting screenshotting to work in Dwm: an interesting experience

A few days ago I decided to finally fix screenshotting in dwm. After about an hour I finally got it working, sort of. #100DaysToOffload

By CMMMay 17, 2020CMM

Using your Numpad as a Mouse

Today I found a cool little xorg command that lets you use your numpad as a mouse. For my secound #100DaysToOffload I decide I would share it.

By CMMMay 16, 2020CMM

Making Colored Bash Prompts | Easier said than done.

For the past few days I've been working on my bash prompt. I found it to be very confusing so I thought I would share it for my first day in #100DaysToOffload.

By CMMMay 13, 2020CMM

Living in Dwm for Two Weeks: A Review

I've finally got to get Dwm usable and I stuck with it for the past couple weeks. Here's my review.

By CMMMay 11, 2020CMM

Installing suckless's Dwm - How it works and how to install my build.

I've recently started getting into Dwm (Dynamic window manager.) It has definetly earned a spot as one of my favorite WMs. Here's how to install it and get my build of it.