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Windows 10 FREE upgrade for Registered users !

Free upgrade for any Activated Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 system still Available!

When you discover your Instance is blocked.

All of sudden, you realize somone Blocked your Home instance. Then what?

Is it Important, which Instance you are in?

A conversation over the Mastodon network itself, how do Instances differ and which is for you?

Special hashtag to highlight serious posting?

A good suggestion that is getting consideration at

The Fediverse reminds me so much of FidoNet

Re: Shocking Images and Content Warnings...

A reflection on the need of clear focus and rules in moderating improper image postings.

Guia de Usuarios en Español para Write.freely

Tradución en Español del Guia WriteFreely de

Firefox Add-ons for the Active User ?

A collection of useful Firefox browser extensions.

How write.freely New User's Guide was made.

A letter to a friend describing how a new Blog version of a DocuWiki userguide was made

Write.freely New User's Guide

An English translation of Ange's French Wiki write.freely guide original.

Letter to a Friend, Christmas morning

Another letter sent to a pen pal via Slowly app

Yule and Solstice Season Greetings

In the Darkest time of the year, many civilizations have celebrated the turn and the promise of Spring.